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Online Stopwatch

This online stopwatch lets you control how long you take to run a lap, perform a task, or the length of any event. You can use it in several different situations. For example, it might be a useful tool to plan and practice a presentation for school or for your job when you have a limited amount of time assigned to you or your group. You can time how long it will take to present all the information and, in the case of more than one person presenting, you can use the split option to tally how many minutes each one needs.

If you are into sports and simply want to improve your fitness, this online stopwatch can also be of use. You can time how long it takes for you to do a certain number of repetitions and sets and create a follow-up to see if you can perform the same number in less time with every new training.

How to use the online stopwatch

This online stopwatch has a simple and intuitive layout to ensure that anyone can start using it immediately without wasting any time. Press “Start” to get the clock running. Only minutes, seconds, and milliseconds are displayed. If you want to stop the stopwatch all together, just press “Stop” but if you want to mark the time of different laps click on “Split”. Splitting the time will not stop the clock, only the button “Stop” will do it. Once you split the time, the information of the number of laps, how long each one took, and the total time of the stopwatch will be displayed below the clock. 

You can also customize your experience using the settings menu on the top right corner of the page. Here you can choose to use this stopwatch with dark mode and select different colors, and fonts for the numbers. Additionally, on also on the top right corner, you will find the option to set this stopwatch full-screen.

About stopwatches

A stopwatch is a timer designed to measure the time from the moment it is activated until it is stopped. Its most distinctive feature is the option to split the time elapsed, also known as lap times. In this case, the stopwatch does not stop running but the user can read the elapsed time up to that specific point.

Stopwatches are highly used in sports in which the clock has to stop in certain situations (basketball, handball, etc.) to ensure a total amount of playtime, and in racing sports with closed circuits, to measure the time of each lap.

Traditionally, stopwatches have only two buttons: one to start and stop the clock, and another to split the time and reset it. This is valid both for handheld and digital stopwatches on computers and mobile phones.

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