World Clock Widget Add several world clocks to your webpage to keep track of the time in some of the main cities in the world and to always have the different time zones on display.
Countdown Timer Widget Add a Countdown Timer Widget to your page and build up the excitement for any event or special day or to let your visitors know what is coming.

Clock Widgets

My Alarm Clock provides several options of clock widgets for users to comfortably add to their web pages for free. 

Set a Countdown Widget on your page to build up the excitement or let your visitors or customers know when you will be launching a new product, event or when your new web page design is going live. Or set several world clocks side by side to follow the different time zones and always know what is the time in some of the most cities in the world. Whatever your reason to want to add a widget to your site, My Alarm Clock got you covered.

All widgets are customizable allowing users to adjust them to their needs and preferences. Each includes specific features that can be added or removed according to the necessity. You can also easily customize the width and height of the widgets to make them more pronounced or discrete as you like or to simply make them fit in the space you have saved for them. My Alarm Clock also offers various color options to customize your widget to the smallest detail. You can even choose a more modern and contemporary look for it or opt for a more select and traditional layout.

Explore all the widgets we have for you and have fun playing with the different customizable options to finally get a useful tool that matches exactly what you wanted.

Radio Alarm Clock
Wake up listening to your favourite radio station
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