Online Scoreboard

Scoreboard is an online tool that helps you keep track of points and monitor competitions. It can be useful in the most diverse situations. For example, you can use it to count the number of points each player has in a game of scrabble, in a quiz competition, or in any family game in which scores are fundamental to finding the winner. 

You can also use it in sports competitions as a practical and simple-to-use scoreboard that you can set on your computer screen or cast to any device you want. In this case, you have the option to use this multipurpose scoreboard or select any of the above shortcuts to change its configurations and options, adapting it to different sports to include information and data necessary to monitor the competitions more accurately. We currently have available specific scoreboards for tennis, NBA, basketball, handball, ice hockey, and volleyball.

Play around with the different options to customize it to your needs, or use the default settings of this scoreboard tool to start noting down the points and scores right away.

How to use the Scoreboard

This scoreboard is quick and easy to use. This tool opens up with the names “Home” and “Visitor” as default, but you can change them by clicking on top of each and using your keyboard to write down the names of the teams or players you wish to monitor. You can also set a timer through one of our time shortcuts or by manually inserting the time you want. This is useful to control the time of each period or to simply count down the time a player has to make their move. You will hear a sound alerting you that time is up once the countdown reaches the end.

Additionally, you can go to the settings on the top right corner of the page to choose the color and type of font you want the numbers to have. The option to turn the scoreboard into full-screen is also available here.

Once you have customized all the options, you can start monitoring the competition. All you need to do is to click on top of the number in each field to increase it by 1 point. You can also track down the number of each player and the period that is being played in the same manner. If you make a mistake and add a point or a foul to the wrong team or player, do not worry. You can easily correct it and keep going without missing a beat.

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