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Online Padel Scoreboard

Join the padel fever and take the competitions with your friends to a new level with this online padel scoreboard. Have fun personalizing it for a more realistic experience and easily monitor any padel match or tournament. 

Note down all the points, sets, and matches for each team quickly, with a straightforward click. This padel scoreboard is easy to use and follow thanks to its intuitive and clean design. Your only problem will be to keep your excitement in check to be able to follow the ball through the court.

How to use this Padel Scoreboard

This online padel scoreboard is easy and intuitive to use. Start by customizing the board by adding the names of each player and team. Click over “Home” and “Visitor” to edit the fields. A ball next to the name shows which team is serving. 

Once the scoreboard is customized, you can start using it to its full potential. Click on the number of points to increase a team's points accordingly. The board will automatically update the number of sets and matches for each team.

This scoreboard comes with a full-screen option, in case you want to cast this padel scoreboard on a screen or simply if you want to avoid any distractions. You can find the expanding button in the top right corner of the screen. 

Next to this button, you can also find the page settings. You can use this menu to change the font of the numbers on the scoreboard, as well as their color. A dark mode option is also available.

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