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Online Timer

Online timer is a web tool aimed at helping users take control of their time and setting time goals for themselves. With it, you can define a certain amount of time to perform a task and use this restricted period as motivation to be more productive and finish in time, for example. Or you can use this online timer as a tool to track how long you have until it is time to take a cake out of the oven. As you can see, this tool can be helpful in more than one way.

This online timer might also help students and workers track down how much time remains until a specific deadline, a meeting, or even the time to leave work or school and finally head home.

How to use the online timer

To start using the online timer, click on edit or select one of the above shortcuts with a specific time already defined. Both options will open a pop-up window for you to confirm how many hours, minutes, and seconds you wish your countdown to last. You can also set an alarm to let you know when the time is up and name your timer. Additionally, on the general settings of this page (on the top right corner) you can change the font and color of the numbers, select the option to use the 24h format, or choose to use this timer with dark mode.

Countdown Timer Widget available

My Alarm Clock also features a customizable Countdown Timer Widget that you can easily add to your webpage. 

Let your visitors know what is coming up on your website in the near future or use it to build up the excitement for an upcoming event or special day. 

The size and colors of the widget are completely customizable so you can match it with the overall design of your website or make it more noticeable to your followers. 

About timers

A timer is a clock set to countdown a specified time interval and to sound an alarm when the said interval is over. 

Analog timers have been popular for a long time in many activities since they do not require the users to know the exact hour at that moment. At a certain point, they even became a necessary kitchen utensil to help cooks know, for example, when it is time to remove a cake from the oven. Analog timers tend to come in funny or unusual shapes to serve as part of the decoration too. 

As technology evolved, digital timers have also become widely used and spread. They are now available in watches, computers, and mobile phones, with new features that could not be found on the analog models. People can now set their timer for hours, minutes and seconds and choose between different alarm sounds to alert them when the countdown has finished. 

Whether for tracking time when cooking and baking or preparing your work presentation, timers are essential to measure, improve effectiveness and boost productivity.

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