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Set an alarm for the specified time
Radio Alarm Clock
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Online Alarm Clock

Online Alarm Clock is a web tool designed with the practical aim of helping users organize their time and their agendas. Here you can set alarms for events, check the world clock to confirm the time differences between the world’s major cities, time your activities, and access an online manual counter.

You can also customize the features with distinct alarm sounds and highlight each event with different colors. Explore all the available options to find the tool you need and that suits your purpose the best.

How to use the online alarm clock

To set this free online alarm clock you can select one of the above shortcuts for an exact hour or click on the button Set Alarm to define a specific hour and minutes. In both cases, a pop-up will show up asking you to name the alarm, choose an alarm sound, and set a color for the event. You can either customize all the options to your liking or continue with the default settings. Make sure you choose a sound that will catch your attention. You have several options that make this the perfect alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Click on “Test” if you wish to preview the alarm and confirm its sound and volume. Once the set time comes, an alarm message will appear and you will hear the alarm sound you have chosen.

On the top right corner of the page, you can access the online alarm clock settings. Here you can configure the alarm clock by choosing the color of the numbers, their font, if you want to see the date, and if you want to use the 24-hour format or not. In this menu, you also have the option to use this loud alarm clock with dark mode or with the brighter version.

Most popular alarm times

Alarm for 4:00 | Alarm for 4:30

Alarm for 5:00Alarm for 5:30Alarm for 5:45

Alarm for 6:00Alarm for 6:15 | Alarm for 6:30Alarm for 6:45

Alarm for 7:00Alarm for 7:15Alarm for 7:30Alarm for 7:45

Alarm for 8:00Alarm for 8:15 | Alarm for 8:30

Alarm for 9:00 | Alarm for 9:30

About alarm clocks

An alarm clock combines the function of a clock with a warning device to alert people when a certain time has come. The warning device - the alarm - has taken different shapes throughout history. However, they normally rely on a system of vibration, sound, or visual display. 

The alarm clocks have two main functions: to awaken people from their sleep and to work as a reminder to signal a certain event or activity.

The origins of the first alarm clocks are still unknown, but there are reports of the existence of primitive devices with a similar role already back to the centuries BC. A notable example is that of Plato, in ancient Greece. It is said that the philosopher had a large water clock with an embedded unspecified alarm system that would make the water sound like an organ. This fact is yet unconfirmed. The reason behind the alarm is also unknown, but it is believed that it was a device set to signal the beginning of his lectures at dawn. 

In the following centuries, alarm clocks were mostly used by religious institutions to announce the time for prayers or other community events. There are reports of individual (successful) attempts of making personal devices but they were far apart and were never patented or for sale. 

The first user-settable alarm clock that we could today recognize as such was first patented in 1847 by a French inventor. Since then, the devices have not stopped evolving. Radio was the first extra feature added to them, then cassette players followed by CD, iPod, and Bluetooth players, etc.

Nowadays, alarm clocks are available on computers, mobile phones, watches, and radio and clock devices, proving the important role that came to take on our daily routines.

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