What it will look like
This is the code for your own web clock widget:

Countdown Timer Widget

Add a Countdown Timer Widget to your page and build up the excitement for any event or special day or let your visitors know what is coming. Use it to countdown your next product launch, the birthday of your favorite celebrity, the release of a new movie or book, or even when your construction will be over, and your new webpage is going live, for example. It is all up to you. This Countdown Timer Widget is 100 % customizable to your needs and preferences.

How to use this Countdown Timer Widget

This widget is intuitive and simple to use. Add a title to your countdown and set the timer for the date you want. Then you can play around with the color of the background and of the font to customize it to your personal preferences or to the website you are going to embed it in. You can see any changes you make in live time on the preview box.

The My Alarm Clock logo is built-in in the widget but you can choose to use the light or the dark version, to make it more or less noticeable according to the combination of colors you choose.

Once you are satisfied with the way your widget looks, all you need to do is to copy the code next to the preview and add it to your page. Simple and quick.

Radio Alarm Clock
Wake up listening to your favourite radio station
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