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Online Age Calculator

My Alarm Clock offers a helpful tool to measure time in an exciting way. This online Age Calculator is designed to help you calculate your age by year easily and find out more about your time or anyone’s spent on Earth. 

Have you ever wondered ‘How old am I?’ You may know how many years you are, but the specifics may elude you. With this online calculator, you can find out not only your age but also how many days, months, seconds, minutes, and hours you already have on your back.

You may also want to use this age calculator to plan for the future. Type in your birthday or any date you want and compare it to another date to see how much time will pass or has passed between the two. For example, if you took out a loan on a specific date and have a due date, you can check to the second how much time you will have to pay it back. Or you can also check how old you will be when you are finally free from debt.

On a lighter note, why not use this online age calculator to make a romantic surprise for your significant other? Start your proposal by showing off your knowledge of how much time exactly you have been in love, for instance.

My Alarm Clock offers you this tool for free. The use you give it is up to you. Have fun discovering a different way to measure time.

How to use this Age Calculator

This online age calculator is very simple and intuitive to use. All you have to do is to type in your day of birth (or any other starting date) and then the date on which you wish to find out how much time has passed. Note that the date format is month/day/year.

Then you just need to hit “Calculate” and our calculator will retrieve how many years, months, days, and approximately how many hours, minutes, and seconds stand between the two dates inserted. If you want to try out different dates, just click on “Reset” to use the calculator again.

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