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Time Converter

This time converter is a utility tool designed to make users' lives much easier when it comes to converting time units. With just a few clicks, you can avoid the complicated math calculations to convert hours into minutes or, more complicated even, milliseconds into seconds.

With this free online time converter, you can now effortlessly and quickly convert seconds, milliseconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millenniums, microseconds, nanoseconds, picoseconds, femtoseconds and attoseconds into one another.

You can forget about any complicated multiplications and divisions. With Time Converter any conversion of units of time is now trouble-free.

How to use this Time Converter

To start using this online Time Converter all you have to do is type in the value you want to convert and its corresponding time unit on the fields named “from”. Click on the drop-down menu with the units to pick the right one. 

On the field named “to”,  open the similar drop-down menu and choose the time unit you want your value converted to. 

The conversion is automatic and instant on the “to” field. To feed your curiosity but avoid overwhelming you with information, the inserted value will also be automatically converted into all the time units available in the converter, but this data will show up in a results side box.

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