How to wake up a heavy sleeper

How to wake up a heavy sleeper
If you are looking for tips on how to wake up a heavy sleeper, then don’t sleep on the next few lines. As you know, getting out of bed is not an easy job for everybody. For some people, regular alarms do not work, and waking up is a real struggle. Genetics, lifestyle, or even a medical condition can be the reason why it is so hard to begin the day. Bad habits such as bed eating or scrolling through any content on your phone late at night also do not help as they keep your body awake. Fortunately, there are many ways to wake up even if you feel drowsy. Here are a few tips on how to wake up a heavy sleeper.

7 Tips on how to wake up a heavy sleeper

1. Listen to good music

When the alarm goes off, that standard alarm sound can feel like the soundtrack of a horror movie. However, if you wake up to a song that you enjoy, the chances are that the process of awakening will be easier, as it helps you be less moody. 

Some people respond better to a sound they like when it is time to get out of bed. A good song can immediately put you in a good mood and, undoubtedly, helps in the arduous task of waking up. It is known that music helps reduce sleep inertia and lowers cortisol levels. Therefore, it provides the perfect balance between waking you up without stressing you. 

Choosing the tune that best fits your morning self is very important. But be careful. If you’re a real heavy sleeper and you choose a relaxing song, it can provide a calming effect that will not facilitate the awakening process. In this case, putting the vibrating mode on might do the trick. 

2. Let light shine in

Another popular method is waking up to sunlight. It was probably the first alarm for human beings and, therefore, it is still the most natural one. As light shines and brightness begins to rise, it suppresses our melatonin levels, the sleeping hormone, and that is why it becomes a great waking-up method. Basically, the presence of light communicates to our body that the day has begun and that it is time to rise. And there are no snooze options for this strategy! 

Waking up to natural light is also very good for your biological clock and if you are looking for a non-stressful awakening. It is known to help with mental health and is often indicated as a therapeutic treatment. 

If using natural light is not a possible method in your sleeping environment, you can also try to purchase a wake-up light. When it goes off, the light will begin to shine progressively so it feels as natural as it can be. You can set it as an alarm, decide how much time it should take to be at the highest clarity, and adjust it to your needs. 

3. Choose the right scent

Similar to the light method, scent incitement is a known strategy to wake up even the sleepiest person. The fact is that the smell of food that you love won’t ever be indifferent to you, no matter how deeply you are sleeping. Apart from helping one to get out of bed, it also increases the chances of beginning the day in a better mood. A tasty treat is always a good way to start your day!

If you live alone, or no one can create the sense of smell needed for this method, there are also other scent options such as aromatherapy. All you need is a handkerchief and some oil scents, or a time set diffuser to select a scent that can make you rise more easily. 

If food smell does not do the trick, you can also try and explore different scents that can make a difference in your mood. For instance, the smell of jasmine helps to become more alert, or peppermint, which is a known stimulator that can be crucial when trying to wake up a heavy sleeper.

4. Eat a good breakfast

Establishing morning routines is good not only for waking up but also for your health. A good breakfast will help in several ways. It awakens your body by starting your circadian rhythm, can raise focus, and provide a good mood. Having a good breakfast every morning helps to set your natural clock. For instance, if you sleep in and have already established this delicious morning routine, you will probably begin craving a snack. 

If you’re a non-appetite person in the morning, don’t worry, you do not need to eat much, the key is to choose the best nutrients. A good breakfast has low sugar and high protein. Selecting proper foods will provide your body with the appropriate amount of energy and well-being. Starting the day with the right food will be motivational for any heavy sleeper to get out of bed. 

5. Set your phone

On average, an adult spends about 4 hours per day on their phone. With so many entertaining features, messages, and calls, it’s almost impossible to hear a ringtone and not look to check your notifications. 

That engagement is one of the reasons why phones can be great alarm clocks to wake up heavy sleepers. When you listen to any sound coming out of your phone, you are very likely to respond to it. If you can select the sound and put on a tune that you like, chances are that this response will be even quicker and will leave you in a better mood.

Our phones are versatile devices and can be set in many ways. From vibrating to volume boost, radio connected or even anti-snooze modes, several mobile apps are prepared to wake up a heavy sleeper.

For example, if you set up a radio station or a podcast of your interest, as it plays you will begin to engage with what you are listening to. This stimulation helps the body to wake up.

Despite being bad for sleep balance when you use it over bedtime hours, phone stimulation can come in handy when it is time for rising and shining.  

6. Place your alarm at a distance

For some people who have problems getting out of bed, oversleeping might not happen due to not waking up to an alarm, but rather because they turned it off without noticing. Unfortunately, the snooze button can be your best friend but also your worst enemy on those difficult mornings. 

Since heavy sleepers tend to unaware snooze or turn off the alarm, a good way to turn this around is to try a distant alarm. It is as simple as putting your alarm on the other side of the bedroom and setting it up as loud as possible with no pauses. Ideally, the sleepyheads must stand up and walk to the alarm to stop it.

The key to this method is to seize the need to get up to turn off the alarm and try to not go back to bed. One useful tip is to step on the floor barefoot. Our feet have very sensible nerve endings and that temperature shock can help us to be more wakeful.

If placing the phone or the alarm away is not a possibility, you can try to set an online alarm clock on your computer. Set it up just as you would normally, and leave your computer on standby.

7. Find your wake-up buddy

If nothing seems to get the sleeper out of bed, not even a full blasting alarm, then it is better to ask for help from a friend or family member who is available and reliable. Having a wake-up buddy is not just a trustworthy solution, but it also can make forenoons more enjoyable. This technique can be crucial in mornings with important scheduling such as a flight or a work meeting. 

If the heavy sleeper lives alone, they can always ask a friend to call repeatedly until the sleeper is up. A little morning chat with a heavy sleeper can be a burdensome task and chances are that a wake-up buddy will always face the worst of moods. Still, it is an honorable gesture for a friend in need and a true showing of companionship. 


Starting the day can be a challenge since nobody likes to leave their cozy bed. To wake up a heavy sleeper is no easy task. Even so, all you need is to find the way to wake up that best suits you. We hope that these tips will help you wake up with ease and ready to start your day.

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